PhD Programme

PhD Conference - presentation in Milan Hasek Auditorium

What is the IMG PhD Conference?

The PhD conference is a traditional event, which is entirely organized by PhD students and their representatives, who compile the program themselves, look for sponsors or, for example, design and prepare promotional material.

The main contents of the conference are lectures by PhD students themselves. Finally, they vote on the best lecture; the lecturer is then awarded by a financial reward from IMG.

The conference also includes lectures by keynote speakers, mostly devoted not only to research topics, but also to motivation and career development.

At the end of the conference, there is always an “afterparty” with refreshments, gathering together the students, their group leaders and the keynote speakers.

What the Meeting Offers You?

The meeting provides a social platform for young scientists to meet their peers and to present their work in a professional set-up, but without any of the fear or nerves that may come with presenting at senior conferences.

Moreover, PhD students practice and train their presentation skills in a friendly environment, which provides valuable learning experience.

What Happens?

Each year PhD representatives organize the meeting for the PhD students willing to give a presentation and share their experience and findings.

Plus selected junior/senior scientists are invited to give the Keynote Lecture and Career Development Lecture to provide some experienced guidance about starting your scientific career.

The meeting is closed up in a very pleasant way: PhD Afterparty, where we all have lots of fun and make more new friends!

Join us at the Institute of Molecular Genetics for an exciting and rewarding event!