PhD Programme

The PhD programme at the Institute of Molecular Genetics (IMG) is part of a joint biomedical PhD programme organized by Charles University and several institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Individual PhD programmes focus on specific topics (e.g. immunology, cell biology etc.) and are organized by graduate boards. Currently, there are more than 100 PhD students affiliated with the Institute.

The PhD programme at the IMG focuses on molecular, cell and developmental biology, immunology, genetics and virology.

The IMG comprises 28 research groups and is supported by core facilities for microscopy and cytofluorometry, genomics, bioinformatics and antibody production. In addition, the IMG hosts three large national infrastructures (CZ-OPENSCREEN, Czech-BioImaging, Czech Centre for Phenogenomics) and one large national infrastructure operated by IMG (ELIXIR-CZ) is hosted at IOCB. Therefore, the IMG is not only equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for microscopy and whole-genome analysis, but currently represents one of the most modern scientific facilities in Central Europe.



Last change: December 22, 2021